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Colin Gonsalves

I remember the exact day I decided to seriously up my photography game. On November 4th 2000, my friend and I had just finished our 3 day scuba diving adventure in the Great Barrier Reef and we were meeting my girlfriend (now wife) to continue sightseeing in Australia starting in Cairns. As we were browsing through souvenir shops, we came across a photo gallery by Peter Lik. We decided to check it out. It seemed like we had walked into another world. His work enthralled me and gave me an elevated sense of what was possible in the world of photography. I purchased one of his coffee table books to decipher why his images moved me so much. Since then I’ve been taking photographs with the aim of making people feel the emotions I felt when I walked into Peter Lik’s studio.

Throughout my travels, I have found my work focusing more and more on the inherent architectural beauty the world has to offer. Whether it was a cathedral, a temple, a cabin in the woods, a monument, or even a skyscraper, all spoke to the soul of the area. As my love for architecture grew, I wanted to find new ways to capture its brilliance. The answer came when I joined my loves- architectural photography, technology, and flight.  For the past year I have been discovering the joys of aerial photography, which has allowed me to expand my architectural photography capabilities.

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Colin Gonsalves